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Repair HP laptop no display

Do you have a HP laptop no display, the screen is black or blank?

If your laptop still under warranty, you should contact to manufacturer for assistance.

If your laptop’ warranty has expired, you can try steps below by yourself

Sings and solves for HP laptop no display

If your HP laptop is displaying no images. There are signgs and troubleshooting that can help you solve the problem you are facing.

Operating system issues

Sign: You can turn on the laptop but the screens goes back or blank. Maybe the operating system issues.

Resolve: the first, restarting the laptop. If the problem persists, reinstall Window

Battery is drain        

Sign: Can not turn on the laptop, the power light does not light.

Resolve: The fist, disconnecting the power cable then remove the battery. Waiting a minutes. Reconnecting the battery and cable. Trying turn on the laptop.

Memory is dusty or broken          

Sign: The laptop can not boot

Resolve: Remove the memory then clean it. Reconnect the memory and trying turn on the laptop. If the problem persists, trying replace the new memory.

Check with spare screen

Sign: the screen is black and blank, still hear the laptop is booting

Resolve: Shut down the laptop disconnect the charge

If you can see the image on the screen, it mean is the screen is broken and you need replace new screen for HP laptop.

Unless either GPU or motherboard is probably defective. In this case, you should take your laptop to laptop center to check again.

The best place to repair HP laptop no display in Ho Chi Minh City is the reliable laptop repair center in Ho Chi Minh. We have skilled team technicians, modern devices with new technology.

We have been repairing the HP laptop no display for many years. We can diagnostic the problems and give the best solutions to you as soon as possible.

We work from 8 am to 18pm all the week. Always ready to assist you.

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