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Macbook Pro 13 2015 battery replacment

MacBook Pro 2015 Battery lifespan has been limited. It’s normal for Macbook Pro 13 2015, you can get about 9 hours on a single charge. But they will get worse over time. In case, Macbook Pro 2015 battery needs to be replaced. Your battery lifespan depending on how you use your Macbook.

You can check the battery status on your Macbook. Going to the Apple Menu >> About this Macbook >> More Information >> Power. You will see the Cycle count and condition rating. Condition rating can be: Normal/ Replace Soon/ Replace Now/ Service Battery.

  • Normal: Don’t need to replace the battery.
  • Replace Soon: You should replace the new battery.
  • Replace Now: You should replace the new battery.
  • Service Battery: The battery has a fault

When you use your Macbook, its battery goes through charge cycles. A charge cycle happens when you use all of the battery’s power—but that doesn’t necessarily mean a single charge.

Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before their performance is expected to diminish. Once the cycle count is reached, a replacement battery is recommended to maintain performance. You can use your battery after it reaches its maximum cycle count, but you might notice a reduction in your battery life. 

How to replace Macbook Pro 13 2015 battery?

Macbook Pro 13 2015 battery is replaced at

Step 1: Removing the old battery

First, remove 10 screws on the top

Remove the bottom cover by lifting up it. Now you see the battery location.

Remove the speakers: remove the screws securing the speakers. Lift the speakers from the cable end and pull it free from the case.

Disconnect the battery: lift up the battery cable on its larger central connection.

Disconnect the trackpad by removing 2 screws and lifting it up.

Remove 2 screws securing the battery board.

Remove the old battery.

Step 2: Installing a new battery

First, peel off the paper covering the adhesive on the back of the new battery.

Set the new battery into the Macbook. Push on the battery board and insert one of the retaining screws partway to help align. You do that the same on the other side.  

Slide the cable trackpad into the ZIP connector. Then latch the connector.

Line up the connector with its socket and press it into place on the magic board and snap the two together.

Replace the trackpad connector cover and secure it with 2 screws.

Finally, line up the battery connector with its socket and press it into place.

Replace the bottom cover and screws.

Step 3: Calibrating the power management system

After you installed the new MacBook Pro 13 2015 battery, you need to calibrate it. Using the new battery to drain, then charge it to 100% before letting it drain until the MacBook shuts down. Now you can use it again as normal.

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The replacement process is quick and obvious: When you bring your MacBook to our store for repair, our technician will diagnose the issue and then provide an estimated quote. If your device needs to be repaired or replaced. We will discuss the options with you, explain any applicable charges, and let you know when you can get your MacBook.

How much does it cost to replace MacBook Pro 13 2015 battery?

MacBook Pro 13 2015 battery replacement will the cost 78$ - 87$.

Our MacBook Pro 13 2015 battery replacement prices cover the cost of battery and installation.

MacBook Pro 13 2015 with battery clued on the case can be replaced on the same day.


  • Model: A1582
  • Watt Hours: 74.9Wh
  • Voltage: 11.36V
  • Warranty: 6 months

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