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Macbook Air Upgrade with an SSD

Do you have a Macbook Air ? Does Macbook Air is sluggish performance? The SSD in your Macbook Air is broken? Do you want to upgrade SSD? Do you want to replace SSD for Macbook Air.

You should think about upgrade Macbook Pro with an SSD

What to consider before upgrading Macbook Air SSD ?

Capacity: Get as much space as you can afford. The greater the capacity of an SSD, the more it will benefit Mac performance and you have more space to save data. You should consider 500Gb to 1Tb capacity. Don’t even consider buying a drive that has less than 256Gb. 500Gb offers a good balance between price and capacity.

Reliability: You should chose brand name SSDs rank the highest. Samsung and Crucial are very known well in the world.

What kind of SSD is fit for your Macbook Air?

Finding out if you have M.2 slots on motherboard and room in the chassis. If not, you may need a 2.5 inch SSD instead.

Alternatively, modern slim laptops are increasingly shifting solely to M.2 form factor. In some cases, Apple is soldering the storage directly to the board, so you can’t up

The list of Macbook Air that we can upgrade with an SSD

Macbook Air 13 2009

Macbook Air 11 Late 2010

Macbook Air 13 Late 2010

Macbook Air 11 Mid 2011

Macbook Air 13 Mid 2011

Macbook Air 11 Mid 2012

Macbook Air 13 Mid 2012

Macbook Air 11 Mid 2013

Macbook Air 13 Mid 2013

Macbook Air 11 Early 2014

Macbook Air 13 Early 2014

Macbook Air 11 Early 2015

Macbook Air 13 Early 2015

Macbook Air 13 2017

If you want to know what Macbook’s model you have, click the Apple logo then chose “About This Mac”. You can see the model and system your Macbook.

The best place to upgrade Macbook Air SSD in Ho Chi Minh is the best place where you can trust in our service. We have experience over 10 years in laptop repair field. Our technicians are good and conscientious.

The SSD is always available in stock. So you can upgrade or replace SSD for Macbook Air and take it in day.

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