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Laptopcare Center is the best place to repair your Macbook, iPad or iMac. Our hotline 0904.580.004 - 0832.620.620.

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Is your Mac out of warranty? Is your nearest Genius Bar too far away? Laptopcare Centre offers the same high-quality repairs and advice: without the premium price.

We’re the local Mac repair service Ho Chi Minh City. We offer fast, expert Apple Mac repairs to anyone working or living at Ho Chi Minh City. Busy life? We’ll make it easier.


We understand Macs. Our Apple Mac repair service is delivered by a specialist team of Mac experts, who know all the common problems and all the fixes. Whether you’ve got issues with your OS or problems with your Magic Trackpad, we’ll have them sorted before you can say ‘Steve Jobs’.

Offer The Cheap Price

Laptopcare Centre’s engineers are polite, fast and can often solve your Mac’s issue on the spot. Plus, if it’s a known Mac problem, we’ll quote a fixed fee for your Mac repairs before we begin.We keep a close eye on our competitor’s prices, and are confident in guaranteeing that you won’t find an Apple Mac repair of comparable quality for a price as good as ours.

We keep our Apple Mac repair prices low by offering a different kind of service. We don’t send your machine away to a third-party supplier to be fixed. And that means we don’t have to cover the costs of shipping and outsourcing. Instead, we carry out all diagnoses and fixes in our own Mac repair shops. You get the same high-quality replacement parts, the same expert service, and the same trustworthy guarantee.

From Macbooks To Desktops

We carry out all Mac repairs, on all Apple models. Need an Apple MacBook pro repair? We’re on it. MacBook Air gone down? We’ll breathe new life into it thanks to our MacBook Air repair service. Desktop machine on the blink? Our Mac repairs are fast and efficient, and can usually be completed on the day you call us.

Software Fixes. Right There In Your Kitchen

Often, we can fix your MacBook or Mac right away. So if your MacBook starts acting strange in the middle of your favourite cookery programme, or you get flour in the air vents while you’re making that all-important first birthday cake, don’t stress. If it’s a known issue or a simple fix, our engineers will get it sorted while you put the kettle on. If it’s a bit of a head-scratcher, we’re still likely to fix the problem on the same day.


We might just need to take your machine back to Laptopcare Centre in Ho Chi Minh to fit the proper hardware. Talking of which, all of our replacement parts are the same quality as the ones you’d get from an official Mac repair shop.

As Safe As Houses. Wherever You Are

We care about security. As much as you do. Whether we’re carrying out a MacBook Air repair in your kitchen or an Apple computer repair in your office, all our engineers adhere to a strict code of conduct. They’ll be happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with you, making them personally responsible for the safety of your data. And if they need to replace your hard drive, the old one will be disposed off following strict security protocols.

Updates, installations. All around the corner

We’re the answer to the question ‘can I find good MacBook repair near me?’ Our engineers do it all: updating your OS, installing software and apps, troubleshooting connection problems. we can recommend or create network setups that make the most of your Mac’s features.

Old Mac Models. New Leases Of Life

Have you got an older MacBook, or an iMac desktop machine pre the current generation? Don’t junk it when it stops working. Our Mac and MacBook service team can probably bring it back from the dead.


We have the spare parts and the expertise to fix any Mac model, so whether it’s a simple case of installing a new keyboard on your MacBook or a new hard drive for your iMac, we’ll return your machine to working condition. And if we can’t, we’ll get as much of your data back for you as we can.

The Apple Mac Repair Service That Makes Sense

We don’t talk in tech jargon. We don’t hide extra charges in your bill. We just tell you what’s wrong, tell you how much it will cost to fix, and then fix it. If you want us to. And that’s it. We don’t believe you should have to deal with anything else when your Mac has stopped working. So we don’t make you.

Simple, isn’t it? And that’s why we’re the Apple Mac repair service that Ho Chi Minh City  trusts. Quick, reliable, affordable. And honest. Just what you want when you need a MacBook repair service.

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