Dell Inspiron 7579 Battery Replacement in Ho Chi Minh City

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Replace Dell Inspiron 7579 battery

Dell Inspiron 7579 Battery lifespan has limited. It’s normal for Dell Laptop, you can get over 4 hours on a single charge. But they will get worse over time. In case, Dell Inspiron 7579 battery needs to be replaced. Your own battery lifespan depending on how you use your Laptop.

How to replace Dell Inspiron 7579 battery

Step 1: Removing the old battery

First, remove ten 7.9 mm screws on the bottom cover.

Lift the bottom cover-up.

Disconnect fabric clip that connector battery form the motherboard by the hand.

There are two screws the battery in that need to be removed.

Lift the battery up and out of the Laptop.


Step 2: Installing the new battery

Set the new battery into the laptop.

Finally, connect the battery by lighting up the plug and simply sliding it into the socket.

Set the bottom cover back into place and push down in the center to engage.

Step 3: Calibrating the power management system

After you installed the new Dell Inspiron 7579 battery, you need to calibrate it. Using the new battery to drain, then charge it to 100% before letting it drain until the laptop shuts down. Now you can use it again as normal.

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How much does it cost for replace the Dell Inspiron 7579 battery?

Dell Inspiron 7579 battery replacement has the cost around 55$. Dell Inspiorn 7579 battery replacement prices cover the cost of battery and installation.

Dell Inspiron 7579 with battery clued on the case can be replaced on the same day.

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