Laptop Razer Blade RZ09 keyboard


Price: 2.950.000 VND

Replace keyboard Razer Blade Rz09

Information of Razer Blade RZ09 keyboard

- Condition: new

- Keyboard language: English Keyboard

- Color: Black, has backlight

- Used for replace Razer Blade 15 RZ09-0278 RZ09-0238 key board when:

Some keys on the keyboard don’t work.

The keyboard is messed up. It is usually appers after you accidentally spilled the water on the keyboard.

How long does it take for the Razer Blade keyboard replacement?

Around 3-4 hours, you can leave the laptop at our center and come back when it is finished.

We also repair and replace another devices for this laptop: Rz09 battery, speakers, fans,.... If you don't know the reason make your laptop has problem, please bring it to our center. We will check then inform you the problems.

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