HP Pavilion X360 14-CD Touch Screen

Code: L20555-001

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About this product

Size: 14 inch

Condition: New

Resolution:  HD 1366 x 768 pixel

Display Technology: Touchscreen

Compatible Model: 

14-cd0001la 14-cd0008ca 14-cd0009la 14-cd0050tx 14-cd0053tx 14-cd0073tu 14-cd0077tu 14-cd0087tu 14-cd0098tu 14-cd0006tu 

14-cd0007tu 14-cd0008tu 14-cd0018tu 14-cd0019tu 14-cd1004na 14-cd1018tu 14-cd1021la 14-cd1037tx 14-cd1055 14-cd1055cl

14-cd1059tx 14-cd2053cl 14-cd0001la 14-cd0008ca 14-cd0009la 14-cd0050tx 14-cd0053tx 14-cd0073tu 14-cd0077tu 14-cd0087tu

14-cd1004na 14-cd1018tu 14-cd1021la 14-cd1037tx 14-cd1055 14-cd1055cl 14-cd1059tx 14-cd2053cl

Please make sure: Your laptop model is HP Pavilion X360 14-cd 14m-cd series.
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