Dell vostro 5402 5401 5405 laptop case


Price: 750.000 VND

Some common issues on the Dell Vostro 5402 laptop shell include:

  • Impact or scratches: This is the most common issue on the laptop shell due to daily use, movement, or accidental impacts.
  • Cracks: If the laptop falls or collides heavily, it can cause cracks on the laptop shell.
  • Imbalance or loose parts: Due to frequent use or transportation, the parts of the laptop shell can become loose or imbalanced.
  • Hinge issues: The laptop hinge may become loose or broken and needs to be replaced or repaired.


Common signs of a faulty Dell Vostro 5402 laptop case 


If you experience any issues related to the Dell Vostro 5402 laptop case, come to LaptopCare for advice and replacement of high-quality laptop cases to ensure optimal performance and protection of the internal components of your laptop.

Why replace the Dell Vostro 5402 laptop case:

Improve aesthetics: If the laptop case is scratched, peeling or shows signs of wear and tear, replacing it with a new one can improve the aesthetics and make your laptop look fresh and eye-catching.

Repair case-related issues: If the laptop case is missing screws, loose parts or has hinge problems, replacing it with a new one can help fix these issues, improve the performance of your laptop and protect the internal components.

Increase durability and sturdiness: The Dell laptop case is an important part of protecting the internal components of the machine. If the laptop case is loose or damaged, the internal components may be vulnerable. Replacing the laptop case can increase durability and sturdiness of your laptop, helping to prevent potential issues and prolonging the lifespan of the machine.

Dell Vostro 5402 laptop case price list by component:

Case A: 1,600k

Case B: 750k

Case C: 950k

Case D: 950k

To distinguish between Dell laptop case components, customers can refer to the following link: Dell Laptop Case Components.

Note: Prices are subject to change over time, and the replacement fee for the case is 200k. Customers can contact us to check availability and prices. Some products may require a lead time of 1-2 weeks.

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