Apple 60W MagSafe 1 Power Adapter


Price: 1.200.000 VND

Original Apple 60w Magesafe 1 Charger

Product information

Model No: A1181/ A1184/ A1185/ A1278/ A1280/ A1330/ A1342A/ A1344

INPUT: AC 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz

OUPUT: 16.5V – 3.65A – 60W

Compatible Product Line:

Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch (Late 2006 - Mid 2012)

Macbook Air Original/ 11”/ 13”: Mid 2011

Replace original apple adapter when it: 

  • Cannot charge the battery (the LED located at the head of the DC connector doesn't light)
  • The head of the connector is burned
  • The wire is broken

how to identify macbook battery charging process

When the connection is secure, an LED located at the head of the DC connector will light; an amber light lets you know that your portable is charging, while a green light tells you that you have a full charge.

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