HP Laptop Case Rplacement in Ho Chi Minh City

HP Laptop Case Rplacement in Ho Chi Minh City

HP Laptop Case replacement

If you're looking for a good-priced HP laptop case to replace your old one, consider online stores or computer component stores to find the best deals. Many stores will provide replacement parts for different HP laptop models, and make sure you choose the appropriate case for your computer.

The first step is to determine which part needs to be replaced, because a typical laptop has 4-6 parts that make up the case, and different models will have different case structures.

To differentiate the different parts of the laptop case, we usually distinguish 4 different parts, based on the image below:

Parts of the HP Laptop Case:

  • Back cover (Case A) or back cover: This is the cover around the laptop screen and has the MSI logo.
  • Screen frame (Case B) or bezel: This is the frame around the laptop screen.
  • Top cover (Case C): This is the top part of the keyboard.
  • Bottom cover (Case D): This is the bottom of the laptop.

Hp laptop case replacement


If you don't want to replace the HP laptop case yourself, you can look for good-priced HP laptop case replacement services at computer repair shops. However, pay attention to the quality of the service and the reputation of the shop before deciding to use the service.

With many years of experience in laptop repair, the technical team of will help you replace your HP laptop case quickly and professionally. We use high-quality replacement parts, warranted by reputable manufacturers, to ensure product stability and durability.

Types of HP Laptop Cases at

  • HP Pavilion laptop case
  • HP Envy laptop case
  • HP Elitebook laptop case
  • HP Probook laptop case
  • HP Workstation laptop case
  • We also order types of cases and components that are not available on the market.

In addition, Laptopcare provides other laptop repair services such as battery replacement, screen replacement, keyboard repair, etc. Moreover, we are committed to providing you with the best laptop repair solutions at reasonable prices and quality services.

If you're looking for a good-priced HP laptop case to replace it yourself, also offers a variety of genuine HP laptop cases. We guarantee to provide you with quality products at the most competitive prices on the market.

Contact Information:

Contact: Laptop Repair Service Center

Phone: 0832 620 620, 0904580004 (Zalo, Viber)


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