Laptop Screen Replacement Service

>>> Laptop Screen Replacement Service <<<

Our laptop screen replacements are carried out by professional, experienced engineers, who understand that a broken laptop can be a disaster.

So if your laptop gets dropped at work, or one of your children throws it across the room , or hit on the way to work, call 0904.580.004. We’ll get you back in the game quickly and efficiently.

If you’re panicking about a late project, lost data, or not having anything to entertain the kids with on a rainy day: don’t worry. We’ll have a new screen in and your laptop working perfectly.

Laptop Screen Replacement Service In Ho Chi Minh City

Broken screens are a common problem, but they don’t have to signal the end of your laptop. Our laptop screen replacement service in Ho Chi Minh City ensures quick, guaranteed fixes for all makes and models of laptop. We’re faster and cheaper than branded repair sites. Don’t let a busted screen ruin your day.

We are laptop screen replacement service at address: 334 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street - Ward 13 - District 4 - Ho Chi Minh City. Hotline 0904.580.004 – 01232.620.620

Laptop Screen Replacement You Can Trust

We’re not slow. We’re not costly. We don’t hide extra costs in your final bill, or swamp you with small print. Instead, we offer a laptop service where the pricing is transparent and the work is quick. You won’t pay for anything except the job we do. And all the new screens we fit are covered by a guarantee.

We are the best choice for you. You can trust us.

We Can Help You For All Kinds Of Laptop Screen Repairs

Have you spilled water on the keyboard, and now the screen’s gone blank? Cat knocked your laptop off the window sill? Whatever’s happened to your laptop, our laptop screen repairs team has the knowledge - and the spare parts - to fix it. Often, the fix is as simple as swapping out the screen for a new one. Sometimes, we have to delve deeper to find out what’s caused the screen to blank out. But either way, we’ll get it sorted.

Laptop Screen Price

Laptop Screen Sizes Inches Kind Of Laptop Screens Price Guarantee
Laptop Screen 14.0 inch  Led 1.450.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 15.6 inch  Led Slim 1.250.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 15.6 inch  Led 1.450.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 11.6 inch  Led Slim Sony 1.200.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 11.6 inch  Led Slim Acer 1.200.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 11.6 inch  Old 750.000 VND  
Laptop Screen 12.1 inch  Led (40pin) 1.750.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 12.5 inch  Led Slim 1.850.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 14.1 inch  Wide 900.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 15.4 inch  Wide Mirror 900.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 16.0 inch  Led Full HD 2.500.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen 17.1inch  Wide  2.400.000 VND 6 Months
Laptop Screen Sony TX Led Slim 2.800.000 VND 6 Months

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Address :  89B Tôn Thất Thuyết  Street, Ward 16, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Hotline : 0904.580.004 – 0832.620.620


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