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Macbook repair service in Ho Chi Minh city

Macbook Repair in Ho Chi Minh city

Repair motherboard

Around 30% problems of your laptop comes from the motherboard. Almost Macbooks today all components are integrated on the mainboard such as: CPU, Graphic Card, RAM,... and structure of macbook ‘s motherboard is different from another laptop. Checking and fixing process is harder and longer, it needs experienced technicians.

Replace devices

For some damaged devices of Macbook such as: battery; speaker; keyboard, the best solution of repair Macbook in these cases is replace them. In following cases:

  • Replace the speaker when it: noisy, low sound or no sound.
  • Replace the battery when it: worn-out, full-up, macbook cannot turn on without adapter, “Service battery”,...
  • Replace the keyboard when: some keys don’t work, the keyboard is messed up, the keyboard is delay,...
  • Replace the screen when: the screen is broken, no display, flickering, ...

Macbook Upgrading:

Almost all macbooks are designed to be optimized for work, so you don't need to upgrade. You only can upgrade:

  • Upgrade SSD and RAM (Solid State Driver) for Macbook Pro since 2010, 2011, 2012
  • For models from 2013 to present, you only can change another hard driver to increasing storage.

Laptopcare have experienced technicians to fixing problem on Macbook. Please contact us when you have any problem with your Macbook. Remember provide the serial number (printed on the bottom cover) with the problem, we will check the model and give you the solution.


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